What Else Do I Need to Know? (This is an evolving list that is subject to change!)

What is the time period for tracking my volunteer hours?
Qualifying volunteer hours must be earned between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014.

When is the “J.H. Rose High School Volunteer Service Verification Form” due?
All documentation must be submitted to the PVSA coordinator or placed in the PVSA box in Ms. Noles's room by January 31, 2015. No late forms will be accepted.

How many awards can I earn in a year?
You can only earn the PVSA once each calendar year. If another organization is nominating you for the PVSA, please let us know.

Who is eligible to participate in the PVSA at Rose?
All J.H. Rose students are eligible to participate in this program. (Note: Since the J. H. Rose PVSA deals with high school students, we base the qualifying number of hours on the “Young Adults” pin levels, regardless of the student's age. Please see the "PVSA Pin Levels" tab for hour requirements.) However, participants must be U. S. citizens, in accordance with guidelines set forth by the issuing organization, the Points of Light Foundation.

What is the cost of the award?
We are trying really hard to find funding for this award. Any and all donations will be gratefully accepted and used to offset costs. However, if funding does not become available, nominated students will be charged a nominal fee for their PVSA award package – the difference between how much money is raised and how much the awards cost at the time nominations are submitted. Currently, the Points of Light Foundation, the organization which issues the PVSA, charges $4.75 per award, plus shipping and handling. However, the price charged by the Points of Light Foundation is subject to change. The complete award package includes the PVSA pin, a letter of congratulations from the President of the United States, and a personalized certificate.

To help defray costs, donations of any amount are welcome! If you are interested in helping fund this award, please email jhrosepvsa@gmail.com . Thank you for considering helping us!

Who can or cannot sign off on my volunteer hours?
Hours must be documented by an official of the organization where you are volunteering. However, your hours cannot be documented by your parent, even if your parent is in charge of the activity. In that case, you may have an adult that helped with the activity verify your hours. Additionally, a student cannot sign off on another student’s hours.